What inspired me to write my own blog.

It all started a couple years ago, the summer after my 1st year at university to be precise. I was vacationing in my mother’s hometown of Tequisquiapan in Mexico. I remember it was a hot sunny summer afternoon and I was laying in the sun with a magazine in hand, happily flipping through the pages. That day I stumbled upon the personal blog of Emily Schuman.

Since then, her website Cupcakes and Cashmere has been a huge inspiration to me and it’s what pushed me to create my own blog. Ever since that humid afternoon when the sun was shining bright over my head, Cupcakes and Cashmere has been, hands down, my favorite go-to blog. I loved, and still love, everything about her blog. From the name, to the original layout, to the diverse context which she addresses throughout.

That day I e-mailed Emily Schuman to ask her what blogging website she used and which one she would recommend. To my surprise Emily replied, and quite fast I must admit. However, I never expected to get a reply from Emily, I remember thinking, “she’s probably to busy to bother…” But she did reply, and, to me that was a sign. From then on I was determined to put up my own blog and start writing as much as I possibly could.

Unfortunately this proved to be much harder than I originally thought. After many trials and errors and after one, two, even three different blogs, I still had nothing concrete, I still had no blog of my own.

Tonight I put the past behind me and I’m giving this blog anther chance. I know there will be alterations but hopefully the site will just keep getting better and better. For now my main goal is to begin writing and to put myself out there one more time.

So welcome to my blog, The Vanilla T-Shirt, name inspired by my ultimate go-to staple, a simple white t-shirt, and “vanilla” my favorite baking flavor and my most treasured scent (more on this on a future post!)

I hope you enjoy it and hopefully you’ll keep on reading it. My fingers are crossed!




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