I apologize for being so absent these past few weeks. Things have been a little bit hectic and there never seemed to be enough time to sit down and write. But here I go again!

I was actually almost done with this post and then I decided to saved it as a draft (worst idea ever) and  when I went back to it it was all gone, it all got deleted 😦

SO I’ll try to remember what I wrote as much as I can, but unfortunately it won’t be the same… (tear)

1. Last weekend UBC hosted their annual Apple Festival. I’ve been wanting to go ever since my first year here at UBC but for some reason I never ended up going until this year. My roommate, and best friend Emily and I, took a little adventure down there and loved every minute of it! I have slowly acquired this profound love for apples, sometimes I end eating up to two apples a day or simply crave big, juicy, red apples constantly throughout the day; how could I not go to the Festival! They had everything from apples tasting, to big stands where they sold huge bags of apples, foods made with apples, and different types of food stands where they gave sample of chocolate, garlic nuts, kettle corn, caramel corn, apple caramel corn, apple cider, apple pies, apple cider, and much more! Emily and I decided to try a slice of the legit and delicious looking pizza from the pizza truck that came all the way from Whistler. Not forgetting to leave space for dessert we shared a huge piece of the homemade apple pie and some homemade cookies. Honestly, although I do love apples and all, I must say I preferred the cookies to the apple pie. The apple pie was probably amazing to all of the “apple pie fans” out there, however to me it was a bit too big, it had waay to many apples and too much cinnamon for my taste buds. (I actually prefer the Italian or European version of the apple pie. In Italian it’s called “Crostata di Mele.” It has more of a cookie crumb base which is thicker, this is actually my favorite part, and there is only one layer of apples. It’s the absolute perfect combination of bread and fruit, I think it’s delicious! And much better than the American apple pies… at least to me it is.) Our little adventure was a total success! We both enjoy festivals a lot, especially when we’re surrounded my so much yummy food (but then again who wouldn’t?!) It was also the first time I tried apple cider and snickerdoodle cookies and I ended up loving both! The apple cider couldn’t have more perfect on that cold and cloudy October morning πŸ™‚ To all of the UBCers out there, be sure not to miss the Apple Festival next year, it’s definitely worth it!

2. This past weekend was my pre-birthday weekend. Yes, last Monday I finally celebrated my 20th birthday (yayy!) I still can’t believe how fast my birthday came, suddenly I was 20 and I wasn’t half as excited anymore, it’s actually pretty depressing… can I go back to Kindergarden, playgrounds, and lunch-boxes with those tiny juices? Ohh how I wish I could…

The weekend started on Friday at lunch time when I had a little date with my best friend Priyanka. We decided to finally try out the Sprouts Community Eats that are held on Fridays. Basically you go in with your own container and come out with a whole buffet of food. They don’t give you too much but they have everything from rice and stew, to bread, salad, and fruit, and it’s all paid by donation! Pretty amazing huh? πŸ˜‰

On Saturday I attended a Workshop about the Exchange I will go on next semester to Cardiff in Wales (which I’m super excited about!) and later met up with friends for some of my favorite yummy treats = Menchies Frozen Yoghurt and homemade banana bread! (Props to Elisa to making it so delicious!)

Sunday started off with morning mass, followed by a spontaneous brunch date with Dani to the cutest little coffee/brunch shop ever! (The Brown Dog Cafe) You definitely get your money’s worth at this place and the prices are extremely reasonable! Not to mention the food is pretty darn good too. My favorite part would definitely have to be the tiny muffins they serve with your drinks, they’re free and healthy! πŸ™‚ I’ll be back!

Right after this yummy wake-me up we all headed Downtown for some window shopping and to visit the new Topshop which had just opened a few days back. I lovee that store and I lovee their clothes, just not the price tags…

I guess I was still not too tired after all of this cause I ended up heading to the movies with another friend. We watched a movie I’ve been waiting to watch for a long time now, it was Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love.” Maybe it’s because I’m Italian and I could understand everything they were saying, even when they spoke Italian, or maybe it’s because I love Rome, but I really enjoyed the movie! I thought Woody Allen was hilarious and I thought they caught the city of Rome on tape so well that I actually felt as if I were there.

Since this post has gotten a bit too long, I’ll post about my birth(day) next time!

Happy Friday! πŸ™‚


Fall’12 Favorites

I’m pretty sure I found these pictures on stylemint or WHOWHATWEAR. They’re a few of my favorite fall must-have pieces, I just wanted to share them with you cause they’re pretty easy pieces to play around with.

This next one is by far my favorite Fall piece. I’m in love with the flowered pattern and Peplum! It’s so chic!

“Weekend Highlights”

This Friday me and a couple friends went to UBC’s ISA party at our school pub, The Pit Pub. Unfortunately no one is specific was taking pictures but overall it was a good night, to say the least. Most of all I reallyy enjoyed the Latin music they played, it definitely made me miss and reminisce about home!

That same night we stopped by The UbysseyΒ ‘s exclusive party. The Ubyssey is UBC’s awesome school newspaper which I actually Β just began to write for, and Friday night they hosted a little party at the office – it was a huge success! (For me at least.) Ana, our Culture Section editor, had the most amazing idea of having a little “Bonfire” at the party. However, it wasn’t exactly the “oh so typical Bonfire.” Instead it included: Marshmallows, dark chocolate, a candle as the fire, and best of all, Bailey’s to dip the marshmallows in… it was delicious!! Also, let’s not forget the “Blue Shots” we tried. Other than being just plain coolcause they were blue, they were actually sweet and tasty. Their preparation included three different drinks in a shaker. Unfortunately I don’t actually know the names of these three at the moment, but I’ll find out and I’ll keep you posted so you can try them next time too πŸ˜‰

Saturday night was way more laid back. A couple girlfriends and I met up at our friend’s super cute apartment and watched this movie.

Sunday included a little bit of studying throughout the day and my almost daily trip to my favorite grocery storeΒ πŸ™‚

Currently I’m obsessed with this blog and blogger. I love everything about her, her blog, her versatile style and her instagram. I especially love the fact that she’s Italian too, and, her videos on Paris, Milan, and New York Fashion Weeks are incredible!

Today I also found this food blog which I reallly liked! I will definitely be spending more time here and def trying out some of their recipes. I really like the quotes they add beside their pictures, like this one.

This is it for now! But since next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving I’m hoping to bake something pumpink-delicious treat for the first time ever. What do you think? Should I try this?

Hope you liked my first “Weekend HIghlights.” Stay tuned for next weekend πŸ™‚

– A

Hello October!

It’s officially October! Unfortunately this means midterm season’s coming up and one whole month of 3rd year has already gone by, it’s crazy!

On the up-side, however, it’s finally October, which means fall is around the corner, the UBC Apple Festival will be held this month, Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up next weekend, TOPSHOP will be opening in Vancouver! and well… I turn 20 on the 22nd! To be honest I don’t know whether I’m that excited about my birthday… or turning 20 (…that just scares me) but I amΒ excited to be celebrating that day with my favorite people/wonderful friends, drinks, and delicious food!! I’m already looking forward to the restaurant I’m thinking of trying out and the non-stop amounts of cakes, cupcakes, and desserts in general that I will be eating that weekend! (No judging here, everyone is allowed to eat when it’s someones birthday, it doesn’t matter whose birthday it is… birthdays = free days, so dig in everybody!)

On another note, I wanted to use this post to introduce a little something I’m planning to put together for the blog. After every weekend I will be posting my own “Weekend Highlights.” This will give you the chance to get to know me a little bit better and it will make me write something new once every week (at least.) This will be my motivation to keep this blog up and going so here’s the first one!

Enjoy πŸ™‚

p.s. “Weekend Highlights” will be posted on the next post after this one.