“Weekend Highlights”

This Friday me and a couple friends went to UBC’s ISA party at our school pub, The Pit Pub. Unfortunately no one is specific was taking pictures but overall it was a good night, to say the least. Most of all I reallyy enjoyed the Latin music they played, it definitely made me miss and reminisce about home!

That same night we stopped by The UbysseyΒ ‘s exclusive party. The Ubyssey is UBC’s awesome school newspaper which I actually Β just began to write for, and Friday night they hosted a little party at the office – it was a huge success! (For me at least.) Ana, our Culture Section editor, had the most amazing idea of having a little “Bonfire” at the party. However, it wasn’t exactly the “oh so typical Bonfire.” Instead it included: Marshmallows, dark chocolate, a candle as the fire, and best of all, Bailey’s to dip the marshmallows in… it was delicious!! Also, let’s not forget the “Blue Shots” we tried. Other than being just plain coolcause they were blue, they were actually sweet and tasty. Their preparation included three different drinks in a shaker. Unfortunately I don’t actually know the names of these three at the moment, but I’ll find out and I’ll keep you posted so you can try them next time too πŸ˜‰

Saturday night was way more laid back. A couple girlfriends and I met up at our friend’s super cute apartment and watched this movie.

Sunday included a little bit of studying throughout the day and my almost daily trip to my favorite grocery storeΒ πŸ™‚

Currently I’m obsessed with this blog and blogger. I love everything about her, her blog, her versatile style and her instagram. I especially love the fact that she’s Italian too, and, her videos on Paris, Milan, and New York Fashion Weeks are incredible!

Today I also found this food blog which I reallly liked! I will definitely be spending more time here and def trying out some of their recipes. I really like the quotes they add beside their pictures, like this one.

This is it for now! But since next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving I’m hoping to bake something pumpink-delicious treat for the first time ever. What do you think? Should I try this?

Hope you liked my first “Weekend HIghlights.” Stay tuned for next weekend πŸ™‚

– A


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