Cardiff University.

I chose to exchange to Cardiff University for a couple of reasons. Other than the pretty attractive website they set up, one of the reasons why I liked Cardiff University was because of their acclaimed Journalism Program. Back in Vancouver I study English Literature with a minor in Psychology, however, where I one day hope and dream to work in is in the field of Journalism, magazine journalism to be precise. Because the Journalism Department seemed to be pretty outstanding in Cardiff, and because I hadn’t exactly gotten the chance to study a lot of journalism related topics before, I knew I wanted to come to Cardiff and learn everything I possibly could from the JOMEC Department at Cardiff University.
After a lot of decision making and after attending a variety of different “modules,” I have to say my chosen journalism ones haven’t disappointed.

One of them in particular, is the reason why I won’t slack off on my blog anymore! This is already a positive aspect, but there’s more. One of the projects we’ll have to put together revolves around some of my favorite topics to talk about, aka some of my hobbies: Food and Traveling.

Now, both food and traveling are two big components of this blog to begin with. If you’re reading this is because you’re intrigued by yet another blog on food and travel, or, because you either enjoy to eat or you enjoy to travel. Β (Or maybe your just a good friend of mine who supports what I’m doing..) Having the opportunity to work on a school project that brings together some of my favorite passions is more than I could have ever asked for! In this case, some of the next few posts will hands down revolve around these two buddies of mine, food and travel… (and everything that happens in between.)

Stay tuned for more πŸ™‚



^ That is Welcome! in Welsh. (I’m proud to say I’ve learned one thing in Welsh!)

I’ve been in Cardiff for almost three weeks now, talk about time flying by! As unbelievable as that may sound I have to say it’s been quite an emotional roller coaster. Ever since I was 3 months old I’ve been used to the idea of “packing up my bags and moving,” this time however, it ended up being much harder than I thought it would be. After I finished my exams in December,Β I left Vancouver feeling ready to begin a new life in Europe in the New Year. But after spending Christmas holidays with the family in my hometown of Lecco in Italy, I didn’t feel quite as ready. Nonetheless, by the 21st of January I was on my way.

After delayed flights due to snow, cancelled flights, and a night spent in a beautiful and fancy hotel in Amsterdam, I finally arrived to Cardiff (I was actually the last international student to arrive..unfortunately) I missed some of the first orientations and meetings due to these inconveniences and I therefore like to believe I also missed the crucial opportunity of meeting other international students new to Cardiff during the first few days here. Because of this, my days in Cardiff still haven’t been everything I imagined they would be. Perhaps it’s because I still haven’t found a close group of new friends to chat to, maybe it’s because my five other flatmates aren’t very social between themselves either, or maybe it’s just because I’m not being as positive as I should be about this whole experience… All I know is that I’ve been more homesick then I thought I would be; I miss my friends, my family, and the everyday routine I was used to living back in Vancouver.

I refuse to be a pessimist, though. I will look forward to the next few months with a smile and a positive state of mind. I will cherish and make the most out of this incredible experience that I’ve been given. No snow, homesickness, or unsocial roommates will change that.

So stay tuned for more posts on my adventures around Cardiff and Europe. This time I’ll make sure I don’t disappoint you and I will keep on writing, posting, blogging… after all these are some of my favorite things to do πŸ˜‰

Cheers! (as they like to say around here)

Until next time,