First Day of Spring.

I apologize, for the one-hundreth time, for not posting on here more frequently. I’ve been terrible at keeping this up… (shame on me…)

On a brighter note, it’s the first day of spring! Although it’s still quite chilly in Cardiff today and I’m definitely not feeling the warmer weather yet… I’m happy to say i’m officially on Spring Break! (I guess it worked out perfectly huh? lucky me!)

My plans for this year’s Spring Break are actually quite exciting! I just finished planning my itinerary with my friend Annie so here’s a little preview to what I will be posting about for the next few weeks!

First off: PARIS.

We leave Cardiff on Friday afternoon, followed by a 9 hour Β night bus ride that will drop us off in the city bright and early on Saturday morning. Croissants for breakfast anyone? I think so!

After a few days in this wanderlust city, on the 27th of March i’m off to MILANO, Italy. I’ll be staying in my home town of Lecco for about a week, which means I get to go home to our cute little apartment for a while!! (I’m extremely excited about this!) In addition, I’ll be meeting up with my friend Annie again, and we’re planning on visiting a few of Italy”s most beautiful cities including Firenze and Pisa.

Finally, I’ll be visiting a friend in PRAGUE. This will be my first time in this city so I honestly can’t wait to get there and take a million pictures.Β I’ve heard only good things about this place; I wonder if i’ll ever want to come back… I’ve heard many people never want to leave…

I’m also afraid my laptop won’t be able to handle all the pictures I’ll be taking on this trip.. maybe it’s time to finally buy a passport/external drive? (hmm decisions, decisions.)

I’m literally jumping up and down on the inside with excitement! Hopefully, the whole trip runs smoothly and successfully.
There will be more posts and pictures to come in the next few weeks so stay tuned for more πŸ™‚




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