Easter Break in Paris {part one}

March 22, 2013

Le Premier Jour

Very cute little details at Hotel Joyce

Very cute little details at Hotel Joyce

With classes behind us, my friend and travel partner Annie and I, left rainy Cardiff for an much awaited adventure to the fairytale city of Paris. (yes, we’re the kind of girls who go crazy for anything Paris related and we were beyond excited to set foot on the magical French land.)

Do to our lowered student budgets, we had decided to take a bus to Paris instead of a plane. The ride was around 13 hours long in total, with a stop of a couple hours in London and another right before we entered the Euro Tunnel. This was actually my second time taking a bus through the Euro Tunnel, (I took the same route years ago with my family), however, I could barely remember much from the actual Tunnel experience. After waiting for there to be space for our bus to get on the next train that would go through the Euro Tunnel, which connects the UK to France, we were finally off! By 3 am or so, we were on French land and our next stop was Paris!

We managed to make it to the capital at around 7 am just as planned. We were exhausted and had barely slept anything at all the night before, but the day was just beginning! Soon enough we arrived to our hotel, which was incredibly cuute! (I guess the hours of searching for the perfect one really paid off.) The decor and boutique-styled hotel was everything I would have wanted for our stay in Paris! Our first few hours in Paris only got better when the hotel offered us a free buffet-style breakfast. Croissants, boiled eggs, brie cheese, pain-au-chocolat, yoghurt, fruits, orange juice… it was the absolute perfect way to start the day and our short vacation! (This breakfast was probably my favorite) {check out our wonderful hotel here: Joyce Hotel}

A delicious French breakfast at Hotel Joyce

A delicious French breakfast at Hotel Joyce

As we finished stuffing our faces with deliciousness, we headed to the St. Michel fountain to begin our sight-seeing tour. We decided to take this free-walking tour around Paris instead of paying for the typical red double-decker buses tours. I think it was definitely a good idea because we were given short French history courses that related to the places we were walking past. Nonetheless, I do think that by the red bus we might have seen a wider range of touristic sights… Notre-Dame, buildings with WWII bullet holes in them, walks by the River Seine, a view of the famous crystal pyramids of the Louvres,trolls through Les Jardins des Tuileries, and Place de la Concorde, were just a few of the sights we did manage to see. And also, lets not forget about getting a sight of the “Tour Eiffel” for the first time, it was stunning!

Our day was followed with lunch and a walk up the Champs-Elysees. This area is definitely one of my favorite in Paris. Yes, there are a lot of shops and high-end stores there, but that’s not the only reason why I like it so much (I actually wasn’t even interested in doing any shopping.) It’s the wide avenue filled with not only stores, Brasseries, and coffee shops, but with energy and a laid-back happiness… not sure how to explain it, but doesn’t it just sound magical to be walking down the Parisian Champs-Elysees? it sure was for me! Oh how I wish I could fly back!

The long day ended with a mandatory stop at the first ever Laduree. Now a day, many Laduree stores have opened up in big cities all over the world but this was surely the first. Their famous macarons and St.Honore attract long lines of tourists every day (including us!)



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