Easter Break in Paris {part two}

Our second day in Paris was very successful in terms of delicious cuisine.

We decided to start the day off by having breakfast in one of the typical (and may I add super cute) French coffee shops around the city. After much walking to find the “perfect coffee shop” (because we are very indecisive and picky when it comes to where we eat…) we found a small little place near the amazing building of the “Opera” and the well-known French department store of Galleries Lafayette. The place offered two types of breakfasts: the English/American/Continental Breakfast (with eggs and bacon included) and the more typical French Breakfast (with coffee, orange juice, and a simple croissant.) Of course, since we were in Paris after all, and because we were trying not to eat too big of a breakfast to have enough space for lunch we decided to two French Breakfasts! Croissants included!

Our next big touristic spots were the Jardins du Luxembourg and the Pantheon. The Jardins were absolutely stunning, and bigger than I ever thought they would be. As we walked through the gardens what seemed to be a stampede of fit French men and women jogged from every direction, and apparently they didn’t seem to mind the freezing weather.. but I guess it was quite a beautiful garden to run through! Near the middle of the Jardins du Luxembourg there was a huge pond with families and their young ones gathered around it to control and watch their wooden boats ride along. It was such a cute moment Β πŸ™‚

After a quick stop at the Pantheon we headed towards the “Les Marais” area. This is one of the French Arrondissements (number 3) that was most recommended to me by a couple of friends. I was super excited to see and walk through its picture perfect streets filled with boutiques and restaurants on either side… however, either we got lost or everything was simply closed, but I don’t think I got the chance to see the Les Marais everyone talked to me about 😦 Nonetheless, I was far from dissapointed after finally finding one of Paris’ best markets, loved by the French and some tourists alike : Les Marche des Enfants Rouges. This market was recommended to me by one of my best friends Kristine who was luckyy enough to have had the opportunity to spend her study abroad experience right here in Paris! After six months there she knew all the details and some of the best places to go and things to see that she was kind of enough to send me 3 whole documents on everything we needed to know about Paris’s must-see places! (a shout out to my Krisyyy, thank you so so much!)
Les Marche des Enfants Rouge was everything I love about markets all in one place. Unfortunately the “farmers market” itself looked like it was closing down by the time we got there. However, the best part of this market (which is definitely my favorite part), is that all around the market they have small tents, tables, and different “shacks” that serve all types of food! The menus available ranged from Italian, to Burgers, to typical French bistro, to Lebanese and to our chosen place: Morroccan! Never had I (or my friend) tried Morrocan food, neither did we really know what their typical dishes were but we decided to go for it! The dishes displayed at the front and the longest waiting-line convinced us! (after all, long lines mean the food must be good!) After ‘pointing out’ what we wanted to eat, we settled at a table near by and had one of the most fantastic meals in Paris that wasn’t typically French πŸ™‚ (.. But I guess somewhat related since Morrocco was under French influence at one point?..) The food was so delicious that we kept eating until we were so full we could barely walk… oh the joys of Paris!

(Day Two will be continued on the next Post! Hope you’re enjoying it πŸ™‚ )



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