Hello, Vancouver!


There’s something quite simple about being back in Vancouver, I feel like I’ve finally come home.

I’ve been living in Vancouver for four years now. But up until August 27th of this year, I had been away for exchange and the summer months for 8 whole long months. It was itching me to come back to this lovely city, I couldn’t wait any longer! As I begin my fourth year of my undergrad studies, I’ve realized how much Vancouver has become home to me. I’m slowly easing into a weekly routine, I’m easily able to take a bus and heading downtown for a short adventure, it’s comforting to hear how many times Vancouverites use “sorry”, and let’s be honest, my somewhat daily trips to Whole Foods Market or Bikram Yoga are irreplaceable.Β 

You know that feeling you get when you’re finally back from a long trip? That “ahh, I’m finally home!” exclamation? Yeap, that’s exactly what I’m feeling. It feels so good to be home.