New Beginnings

With both the Christmas holidays and New Years being so last year, I constantly keep reming myself that the present is the moment to live in. At 21 and in my last semester of university I’ve come to realize that if we don’t take chances now, when will we? This is the moment to live happily. To live healthy. To live simply. But most importantly, it’s the moment to live, now. Who knows where we’ll live tomorrow? Who knows who’ll still be here tomorrow? People come and go. Things happen and then they’re simply forgotten (or remembered only if we’re lucky.) The truth is, only time will tell…

In the 10th grade I learned what the Latin words Carpe Diem meant. To live in the moment. From now on that’s what I’ll do. With so much going on school wise and my future after graduating from university, I’ve decided that today is the day to appreciate life and to live it to the fullest.


Astrid T