Four years after. These four years were probably the most exciting, nerve-wrecking, difficult, challenging, and yet the “best years of my life.” They weren’t perfect. There were highs and lows, fights and apologies, love and laughter, and so much more in between. At times it feels as though I’m the same person as I was four years ago when I left my parents home to find myself and who I wanted to be half-way across the world. But then I think again and it it feels like a lifetime ago. Although it may not feel like we are all grown up, we (the class of 2010 and now 2014) truly have grown up together.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia last wednesday as part of the Class of 2014. I couldn’t have been more happy, and proud, to have graduated from such an accredited university, while simultaneously living in one of the most breathtaking and most livable cities of today. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have spent the last four years here.

On the big day I was nervous and shaking. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was finally graduating university – and much less that I would soon be off to my next adventure. With the sun shining in Vancouver (a rare occasion for this side of the world), the ceremony came and went. As I walked on stage to receive my diploma it felt surreal – it was the culmination of four years of living, endless homework readings and paper writing, and now it was all coming to an end. The chancellor admitted as alumni of UBC, and it was all over. I had graduated. Of course, before we all walked out to hug family and friends, I looked up, took off my black cap and threw it in the sky. Yes, I had graduated!



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