The Next Step: New York City

It’s true, life is constantly changing, evolving, and even surprising at times. It’s also true that if we are not careful, life may simply pass us by. Having graduated university only around 10 days ago, I have realized how fast life simply happens. We work so hard to make it through the day or the week, we constantly dream of lives and people we want to become, but we don’t stop and listen as often as we should. I have always been infatuated with the hustle and bustle of New York City. Its never ending energy, passion, and its diversity. I had always dreamed of living in the city at some point in my life. Now at 21, I had the opportunity to attend the Summer Publishing Institute Graduate summer course at NYU for the summer. With a one way ticket to New York I’m ready to engage, learn, and simply live the New York City life. This is just the beginning of my long new adventure into the unknown. The future is over-rated. Who knows what can happen in a few months time! But in the meantime,  it’s time to live in the moment because if we don’t, the right moment might just pass us by.

Today, I write to you from Struptown coffee shop. A popular coffee shop that’s bustling with laughter and people’s conversations. I can hardly believe I’m sitting here, in the city that I have admired for so long and that has inspired so many people, including my self. Today I’m here to fight for the dream of someday working in magazine journalism. Although I know it won’t be easy, there is nothing worst than not even giving it a try. Honestly, if no one had dreams and the eagerness to achieve them, life wouldn’t be half as exciting as it is.

I will keep writing from the city all summer long. Stay tuned for more adventures, travels, and just my everyday thoughts on this magical city. This is my next adventure. Here goes nothing!

– Astrid


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