The 6 Weeks of Publishing at NYU

It has been exactly one month and half since I arrived to the (so-called) Big Apple hungry for a change in perspective and the infamous New York City lifestyle. Through the weeks I’ve learned many tricks, tips, and even picked up a few habits myself. The two major life lessons?

1. That NYU is serious about their intense Summer Publishing Institute graduate program- when they say intense, they sure do mean it!

2. When you’re busy with the SPI graduate program time literally flies, giving you no time to believe you’re actually living in New York (!!) and even less time to explore that city that was once only a fantasy, the kind you’d only watch in movies and on Sex and the City re-runs.

As the 6-week of early mornings, coffee runs, and last minute printing for magazines and book imprint copies has come to an end, I’m beginning to prepare for the real world, applying for jobs and starting my unpaid internship, along with sitting back and reflecting on the amazing opportunity I had to have made it to New York City and survived for already 1 month and a half.


Astrid T

p.s. Check back for more on the “Tips and tricks of New York City!”


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