Weekend Notes.

Saturday OOD Saturday OOD Saturday OOD

Gansevoort Market decor

Ganservoort Market food display

Gansevoort Market food display

Gansevoort Market

Cookie display at Gansevoort Market

Greek cookies at Gansevoort Market

Tacombi at Gansevoort Market

Walks around the Meatpacking District

This weekend was a fairly relaxed one with just enough excitement to make it a memorable one.

Saturday afternoon called for a fun outing into the city. It had been a beautiful sunny day all morning so I decided I’d check out the dreamy stoops and high-end boutiques of the West Village. I also have to admit that one of the real reasons why I chose this neighbourhood for my weekend adventure was the now wildly popular Swedish candy store Sockerbit. (More on that later)

I ventured out prepared to take on the brisk cold New York air with a striped pull over (that I’m currently loving), a pair of black pointed boots, and a cute knitted hat just in case the wind would become to much to handle. On the way over, however, not to may surprise I started feeling quite hungry and I spontaneously decided to make a stop further up in the meatpacking district to satisfy my growling stomach.

I was beyond excited when I finally set foot in the new Gansevoort Market. I had originally heard of it from Lily Pebbles vlog when she was visiting a couple weeks ago, so getting to check it out myself was pretty darn cool. The space reminded me a lot of the Chelsea Market although this one is a lot smaller and it caters to a smaller range of eateries, without much of the grocery shopping environment that you can find at the Chelsea Market. I personally really liked it. The decorations were very fall and halloween driven with cute pumpink patches and hay laying around for pinterest perfect snaps. I also adored the very tempting food displays and the wide variety of foods available. From muffins that were based off of different countries, to Spanish inspired savoury goods, Italian sandwiches, Tacombi’s Mexican food, sushi, Lobster Rolls, healthier food from FeelFood, Greek/Mediterranean cookies, a delicious Greek yoghurt bar, and many many more— the options are endless in this cozy little food market. I opted for a vegetables and chickpea soup that warmed me up very well. While for dessert I found some great mixed nuts Greek cookies with powdered sugar. (They were to die for! I even went back for more. They are a definite must try.)

One of the most exciting parts of my little outing was the moment I spotted the one and only Aimee Song from one of my favourite blogs Song of Style, and her sister Dani Song as well (!) It’s no surprise that I only noticed them as they were taking the kinds of food pictures they are wildly know for (the ones where they stand on the chairs to take from above in a bird’s view kind of way.) I couldn’t help by smile and giggle about how crazy of a coincidence that was. It looked like they were having a family outing and enjoying some great food. (This was later reassured to me as Aimee posted the same image I saw them taking. I have to admit, it was pretty cool.) Sadly, because I’m too big of a baby, I decided not to bother them as they ate and chose not to go up to them to ask for a picture. Instead, I simply enjoyed their company from afar and liked the idea I was having my dinner sitting next to the Song family. I’m honestly super excited to have seen them since Aimee is probably one of my favourite bloggers. If I could ever be half as successful, kind, and loving as Aimee Song, I’d be pretty happy.

The rest of the night ended in me eating the entire bag of candy from Sockerbit. This store is one of the “better for you” candy shops in the city with sweets all the way from Sweden that are true to the Scandinavian candy culture. Their sweets are also free of transfats, colors from nature, and free of genetically modified ingredients. As I happily exited the simple and very Scandinavian space, I was delighted to find out about the tradition of “lördagsgodis”, meaning Saturday sweets. It seems to be a tradition that every Saturday children are allowed to buy their favorite smågodis as a weekend treat, usually being the highlight of the week.

There you have it, this was absolutely the highlight of my week: Aimee Song + Gansevoort Market + a bag of goodies while watching Stuck in Love, yes please. Repeat?

Sunday was a much more layer back day as I chose to stay in all day. I woke up to some yummy homemade breakfast that included eggs, avocado, and toast with a coconut almond butter that I’m absolutely head over heels about at the moment. The company is called YouFresh Naturals and if you haven’t tried them yet your taste buds are seriously missing out! This was followed by catching up on some e-mails and a much deserved bath with great finds from Lush.

Hope you had a great weekend everybody!


– A


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