Leafy greens: Arugula and baby spinach. // Toppings (clockwise from the top): Sweet potato wedges, cherry tomatoes, tri-color quinoa, lentils, white mushrooms, and a dollop of cottage cheese in the center.

Through the last couple of years whenever I’d make dinner at home my roommates would stare in awe of how pretty my dinner looked. I never necessarily try to make my dishes pretty but to be honest, I enjoy arranging the chopped veggies I put in my salad in a certain way — usually placing them in bunches around my bowl. It’s just so fun for me to make dinner look like a work of art. I seem to enjoy it even more that way; although sometimes it almost becomes too pretty to eat, almost.

I’ve decided to start posting some of my lazy weekday dinner creations on here and on IG (@TheVanillaTshirt) hoping to inspire all of you to take your time to make your dinners look just as pretty — I bet that’ll make you enjoy them even more! Also, just a heads up but I do love a great salad bowl, yet this is #NotJustAnotherSalad.