style, eats, etc.

I find myself online day and night, whether that’s something I should or shouldn’t be proud of is a whole other story, but I do quite enjoy my morning breakfasts with a side of Vogue, e-mails, or scrolling through my favorite blogs or lifestyle sites. I usually end up reading on anything from breaking news to the latest recipes, street style trends, and pop culture events, but I often find I have no where to share these insights…

style, eats, etc. is a new category of post that will go live every Wednesday, featuring the best in fashion, food, lifestyle, and anything else that catches my attention.

Here’s the first set of lifestyle bits that have me clicking away this week!

1. The Topshop “Duster” Coat. This is something that caught my attention quite a while ago when I walked into Topshop in NYC for new denims. I’m pretty sure they had just come out because you could still find them in every size and color, from navy blue to military green and camel, and even in the exclusive Petite section that I usually gravitate towards. After seeing the duster coat all over the street style trends, I knew I wanted to see how well this one fit me. Long story short, I ended up not buying it, thinking it looked too “similar” to my Trooper Aritzia jacket (it actually doesn’t), and I now incredibly regret it. They’re sold out of the coat in Petite at the moment and I’m frantically refreshing the Topshop homepage in the hopes to finally purchase it. Fingers crossed!

2. It’s definitely, Deliciously Ella.  I’ve been following Ella from the Deliciously Ella blog for years now. I watched as she posted her first few photos on Instagram and then she started to grow, and grow, and grow. Today she’s the author of her first cookbook and is in the works for two more coming out next year! I couldn’t be more proud. More recently though, I’ve been giving her recipes a go, and oh my god, delicious might just be an understatement. Although I’ve been eating dates and almond butter (as she suggested) for months, I’ve now also made her infamous raw brownies and her new healthy Nutella. I have to say I’m absolutely hooked. Next up? Those sweet potato brownies everyone has been raving about.

3. The blunt long bob haircut. From one celebrity/model to the next, this cut has with no doubt been the most requested of the year. A trend I can attest was originally debuted by the ever so talented Lauren Conrad post-wedding, has been seen on the likes of the Kardashians, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sienna Miller, Kerry Washington, Taylor Swift and BFF Karlie Kloss, and the latest to join the bunch a few days ago, Jessica Alba. As my hair is still on the short side after I cut off a few inches last June, there’s no doubt these ladies have got me craving the blunt chopped look big timeI mean just look at it, it’s spot-on perfect for the upcoming spring weather. To cut or not to cut? That is the question.


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